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February 13, 2010
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Valentine's Day by Striped-Tie Valentine's Day by Striped-Tie
"I'm sorry I'm back so soon. I bet you must be getting sick of seeing me so often, huh?"

She spoke as if she were talking to someone standing right beside her, an old friend or comrade. She kept her eyes closed, as if she were trying to keep this illusion up.

"I didn't bring any flowers yesterday, I know, I know. But I had a reason, see? Got better ones today, beats the hell out of some lillies or carnations. The thorns prick like a bitch, so I hope you like them. If not, at least pretend you do, got that?"

She paused, half expecting an answer, deep down knowing that was impossible, but still hoping.

"So. Yeah... Happy Valentine's Day, Steve. ... It's so bloody commercial, bet we would have been laughing at all the damn PDA going around today. Throwing a rock or two, knocking people into fountains."

Once more she stopped, all too aware her voice was beginning to break. She swallowed hard, taking another breath to try and stop herself from shaking.

"I... I really, do wish you were..."

She turned away, fingers clenching tigher atound the roses she held. She bit her bottom lip, choking back a sob before forcing herself to look back to the grave in front of her. "Here. I wish you were here, Steve, you've got no idea... But you just..."

Another deep breath. She could do this. She couldn't do it last year, or the year before. She had to finish talking, she had to do it this year. "You just keep my spot warm for me. I'll see you soon, okay? I know... I promise. I won't break this one, okay? I swear it. Hey, if you put in a good word for me up there, I might bring you some chocolates next time."

She knelt down, pushing the roses up against the tombstone. There was no body occupying the grave, she knew that, but it brought her peace - Even if it was only a little. To think that there could be a small chance he would be listening to her, and know that there was reason to wait for her.

"... I love you."

She rose back to her feet and swiftly left, no longer able to hold back the tears. She thanked the rain for hiding them from anyone she would pass in the cemetary, but knew the rain couldn't hide them from herself.

She never told anyone that knew her now why she hated that day so very, very much.

Damn, this has taken me so long... I still don't like this all that much.

10 minutes until the 14th over here. Happy Valentines Day, guys.

Used these wonderful tutorials for the rain : [link] & [link]

Trees in the background are magnificant Brushes you can find here : [link]

I also used some grass brushes but I downloaded them so long ago I can't remember where they're from... As soon as I find out again, I'll certainly link to them.
Songs listened to (In case you're curious, lol.)
(Oxygen) [link]

Note to all Clubs this is submitted to: This is not entering of the Valentines contests taking place.
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claire's dead boyfriend
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AWSOME! I never saw his untill like 2 days ago and today I was just like "OMG THAT"S AWSOME FAVE!"
and yeah I'm so tired!!!!!!!!
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You are good
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Wow, I really love this/ It's beautiful. I love the emotion, The detail, The tree. (I Love trees. xD ) And I love red hair, So naturally..I love the character. Her emotion just fits perfectly with everything. Fantastic job!
Natureboy3 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2010

Still awesome! But...*sob*
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Wow... that's really good. Great emotions!
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